Tips to choose the best air fryer for your kitchen

Finding the best air fryer to suit your needs is not a simple thing to do when you know nothing about the product.

Below are some tips for you to choose the good one for your own purposes:

The size : There is no size for you to single out as the best size, there are numerous of sizes available in the market, what you have to choose is the one which most suit your need. You may want to answer 2 questions: First, is it compatible to the space of your kitchen? Second, is it enough for your family’s food consumption?

The wattage and capacity:

This cooking machine operates by using electricity; typically, it requires 700 to 1500 wat. Therefore, before you buy, please make sure your kitchen outlet can support the wattage of the machine. You don’t want any discrepancy which leads to electric shocks or damage happens to your kitchen just because you didn’t notice to this small but important tip.

One more thing to consider is the capacity : 1.5 to 2.5 pounds to be cooked at a time is a typical capacity. However, you may want more or less capacity depending on your needs.

Controlling and alerting features:

Each machine on the market has basic function, such as: temperature, timing, switch mode, countdown timer. You may want to find a good machine with friendly and easy-to-use interface including those basic functions. You may also want to have extra features such as: digital programmable settings, rapid-cook technology, and nonstick surfaces. The more features you want to have, the more air fryer meets your needs and fulfills your requirements.

Back-up and warranty services: 

Just like any other products, back-up and warranty service are the must-have. It’s our suggestion that you should choose the nearest agency to provide those warranty services. It will cost you money and effort to go back and forth between your house and the warranty center. A nearest warranty center with good assistance is the best place for your product’s warranty and back- up service.

The price:

Having a  air fryer is a very strong recommendation for your kitchen. It is kind of expensive compared to several other kitchen gadgets, but “If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys”. This wonderful cooking machine has the function to avoid any sudden fire or burning of oil by its integrated no-oil application.

Moreover, it saves you 80% of oil or even no oil per each dish. Imagine how much it can help to you save every week, every month, or even every year! It would be an incredible amount of cash! Not to mention how fast it is in cooking, how low calories it helps you to reduce, how safe it is for your kitchen and even your house.

Although there are so many types  in the market, if you follow our tips, you can find out the best air fryer for yourself and your family.