Everything you need to know before buying best hunting scope for big game

When we buy a best hunting scope for big game, there are a variety of brands and models to choose from. To begin, it is clear that there are two broad groups of view: fixed and variable magnification increases.

Increases Fixed:

Sights fixed increases were the first to appear. The biggest advantage is its simplicity. Have fewer parts, fewer movements, thus have fewer defects and faults (According to distributors, equal quantity delivered, are three times less likely to inconvenience variables), the eye relief is constant, the reticle is always both real and apparent size. They usually have a field of view wider than a variable diameter and the same objective and the same increase as components tend to be cheaper.

The drawback: they are fixed increase, so one makes a choice increase and then must live with it.

Variables increases:

The variable magnification view born to use a weapon / look in various disciplines of shooting, for example by selecting a 4x growth in mountain hunting or making long shots in picking 12x mountain. Because of the greater number of parts that compose and greater sophistication, need, to the same quality of materials, a more thorough preparation and increased control that increases fixed view which is reflected in the price. Also for the most parts they are often or heavier than fixed or fragile. A relevant point of view only in the case of variable magnification is the location of the reticle in the optical system.

Location reticle in the first focal plane:

widely used by European firms, it is located at the front of the system that changes magnification of the sight, so the reticle increases / decreases in size (like other objects in the field of view) to raise / lower increases amend the apparent size the same (but not real), the advantage of this system is that the impact point remains unchanged when the magnification is also always maintained the same size ratio with white.

The counter view is that very broadly increases the reticle may seem imperceptible to very low magnification or too thick at maximum magnification.

Location reticle in the second focal plane

It is most often used in USA and East and defines when the reticle is located behind the system that changes the magnification of the sight, that is, in the second focal plane solution. So up or down increases the reticle does not alter apparent size, (although actual size) can this be an advantage when using a variable lot of increases or precision shooting (to raise the magnification the cross not grow and allows a finer aim).

The locking system can be used for hunting all animals, perfectly adapted for hunting stalking and stalking where the shots are on a quiet beast, at rest or moving slowly.

Let’s now look at them. The idea is to assemble the set with the good optical sight of three to nine increases by forty to forty-five mm input light, oh coincidence ! is the kind of optical sight best-selling in the world, which we it is clearly saying that is the one that lends itself to all possible alternatives presented to us. A look of these can be used in three increases for situations where speed of target acquisition is essential, as in the short distance, and between six and nine increases for long shots, a situation in which we are taking aim on an animal generally ignorant of their immediate destination, and in which we have the time to seek support and aim carefully. A target of forty-five millimeters provides an excellent entry of light, even if you want to hunt at night with moonlight, which with this type of look you can cover all our needs.

In the mountains, with 24-inch barrel, we will be well served to abate as both male mountain ibex.

Of course, maybe we walk a little slow for target acquisition at short distances, if this parameter with an open look or orthoptics look compared, or the image may not be as high as we would like to shoot 500 meters but these are two extreme and less frequent situations. Anyway, and if necessary, the problem can be solved by always approaching a little closer to the dam or using the look at their lowest increases, which ultimately is what everyone does, not be heard many complaints. To hunt in the mountains there as open sights or orthoptic, but for lack of light are impossible to use during a night ambush, which ends up disqualifying them as one of our options. Therefore, optical sight 3-9×45 be ideal.